Friday, January 4, 2008

Urge to Kill Rising...

I am so tired of this d@mn blog service taking FOR-FLIPPING-EVER to upload my pictures.

I am tired of my internet service kicking me off my internet while my pictures are trying to upload.

I am angry that this happens EVERY stinking time I try and upload pictures to my blog.

I am tried of my computer being slow and stupid every day in it's recent, miserable existence.

I am angry that for some reason d@mn is underlined and a different color.

I am angry because I had a great blog to post on FRIDAY night and it is now 27 minutes to Sunday morning and this blog is still not posted.

I am angry that when I am angry my OCD goes haywire and I can barely function.

This would all be solved if my pictures would just upload in a span of less than 30 minutes a piece.

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