Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Road Blogging

I'm on my way to Savannah. kids. And yes, I'm blogging from the car. And no, I'm not driving. My package from WEBS came the other day so I have some yarn porn for you.

First, the new stash:
Cat trying to eat tag on yarn porn.
Classic Elite yarn in Beatrice. Some yummy color (sorry all the ball bands are at home).
Jaeger Roma for a baby sweater.
Rowan All Seasons Cotton.
1 pound of Texas Cotton in lilac for a tank top.
Gedifra Fashion Trend striping yarn.
Rowan Spray for a hat. Maybe one with earflaps.
Cat eating bag that some of the yarn came in (yes I stopped her, just not before I got a pic).
And I found out this morning as I was packing that the wonderful knitting tote doubles as a very comfy laptop bag. I could go on vacation for months now.

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