Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sour Puss

Yesterday I was seriously in a bad mood. I tried to think of the reasons why I was in a such a bad mood and I came up with the following:

1. I teach a knitting class in the mornings. There are 20 kids in there (including 5 guys!). 19 of them enjoy knitting and being in the company of knitters. 1 does not like any of these things. She complains everyday that she can't understand why anyone would find knitting fun or relaxing. She can't believe anyone would even think of inventing knitting. Thankfully everyone else just looks at her like she's nuts. Because, well, she is.

2. They painted my classroom and office last night. That meant that all during my teaching time I had to have kids pull things off the wall and move furniture. Words cannot describe the level of destruction my room was in.

3. While getting the room ready to paint I developed a massive headache.

4. This is the yellow sock:
I've seen denial and it's not just a river in Egypt. The more I looked at the sock the more I realized it was going to be way too big. So I started these:
Much better fit (always check gauge). However, there was a problem with the colors. Do you see how the pink is pooling. It kept doing that. I tried to knit looser for a few rows. Pooled in a different place. One side: nice stripes, other side: pools of pink. This new sock has gone the route of the yellow sock. Totally frogged.

5. Webs still hadn't sent my yarn from 2 weeks ago. I know they're probably very busy but I at least wanted to know what was going on. Side note: I got an email today that says they have sent my package. It should be here on the 21st. Just in time for my conference in Savannah. W00T!

6. I have been following a walking program to a T for the past 2 weeks. I don't diet well and had gained 5 pounds since Christmas so an exercise program would seem like it would work best for me. However, I haven't lost any weight. At all. Actually, I lost 2 pounds over the weekend but, don't fear, I found them again.

There was something good that happened yesterday though. Can you see it?
How about if I stick out my black sweatpants clad leg to show you.
Those are snowflakes on my leg there (sorry for the fuzziness). It snowed last night. Still had to go to work today because our county never closes for anything. I remember only 3 days that school was closed. Once when hurricane Opal hit the coast and there was tornadic activity throughout the entire state all day and then for 2 days last year when gas prices went through the roof and the government thought there would be a gas shortage. The four horsemen of the apocalypse could be riding through town and no one would blink an eye. Raise the gas prices a dime and watch the pandemonium begin.

I enjoyed the snow and it was nice to see it this morning on the ground. The room is back to normal(ish) and my office looks kickin'. Much better than before. Now if I could just get the kids out of here....