Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Knitting

Since I finished the hat and the zig zag scarf I needed something else to work on. I have the sweater but that seems daunting and time consuming will get done...eventually.

I had the Bernat Softee Baby yarn and the Persian multi colored blue yarn that I was trying to do the Tiger's Eye Lace in but it wasn't working out too well. I then had the brilliant idea to do a spiral scarf using the yarn. So I found this pattern that I thought I would try. I cast on 110 stitches and then looked at the next line. Knit, yarn over... knit, yarn over. At this point I should mention that my needles were already packed to the gills with stitches. And the yarn overs were really tight and unforgiving. Then I looked down to see how many total stitches I would use. Do you see that? 873. What the crap was I thinking? There was no way all those would fit on my needles. Why, oh why do I never think of things like this? Why do I always think I'll be the one person who can pull something like this off? Needless to say I pulled the whole thing apart. Then I began searching for another pattern. I knew there had to be a better way. Then I found this. Unravelled to the rescue! Because I "don't own several very long circs and the endurance of a marathoner." This is perfect. And I can practice short rows for those socks I'll be starting any day now...

This is what I have so far of my spiral scarf:

Sorry the pictures are kind of blurry. The thing is pretty fuzzy but you kind of get the idea.

I also started a new zig zag scarf. I had the thought that maybe since the color scheme of the yarn zigged and zagged maybe it would look cool in a zig zag pattern.

Camera 1
Camera 2.

Pretty good so far. And it knits up pretty easily. Though I do have to keep track of what row I'm on. Not so much mindless knitting going on these days but I suppose that's how I keep my mind sharp and my IQ near genius level.

And finally, I leave you with a picture purely for the the cuteness factor and my own general amusement.

A rather sleepy Penelope laying next to me on the couch. Awww....

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