Monday, January 14, 2008

Falling Down on the Job (or maybe on the feet...)

There is a reason why I should blog everyday.

1. I get bored knitting the same old scarves everyday.

2. I start new projects on a whim.

3. In one day my new project goes from this:
To this:
Kids I'm going to have some knee high sunshine yellow socks. Doesn't that rock your face off? I'm excited that they're actually looking like socks and not like a tube top. They are going to be so long though but it's ok because I like funky, stand out socks.

And, again, I leave you with Penelope.
Can you tell I love my cat? She is the best knitting partner. She likes to hang out on my lap and watch Project Runway re-runs with me. Plus she provides picture fodder for me. Love her!

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