Monday, November 9, 2009

Now With Real Actual Knittng Content!

There are some things finished, and some things that are still languishing. But there is progress being made. I finished the sweater for my cousin Jake.
Now I just have to make one for his brother Harrison and then one for my other cousin Britt. Thankfully this is a really quick knit. The pattern is the Sailor's Rib Sweater from Interweave's Weekend Knits.

I'm still working on this sweater for Warm Woolies.
I think I'm going to rename this the Great Green Blob. The body is so bulky looking. And I misread the directions and ended the sleeves a little early. I should have reduced down to 32 stitches but I only reduced down to 35. Oh well. I have until the end of this month to finish this sweater. Then I'll be able to send in my 10 items for this years challenge (scroll to the bottom to see the 10 for 10 by 2010 project). I tried to go back and see if I could find when I started this but I can't even find a picture from when I cast on.

I've also started another Christmas present.
This is a scarf for my future SIL Brandi's mom. I'm glad scarves are quick projects. I've already gotten through 2 repeats and I just started this Saturday. Which, when I say it out loud, doesn't really sound like much. This seems to have edged out the Warm Woolies sweater as t.v. knitting though so there should be good progress made.

This week is going to be a bit hectic with half days of teaching on Wednesday and Thursday and conferences all week (including 3 early morning ones tomorrow) but I'm making time to go check out my friend Heidi's drum carder. We're going to try and salvage my first superwash dye job that fell apart because I soaked it too long.

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