Thursday, October 29, 2009

What is This?

Looks like a little sweater. For someone special. My cousin, Jake, in fact. This summer he saw me knitting and wanted to learn. As soon as he had proven to himself that he could do it, he was off to something else. But not before he asked me to make him 15 sweaters in various colors. And 15 for his younger brother, Harrison, as well. I probably would have just dismissed it but a few months ago he asked me how his sweater was coming along. Hmmm...guess I should get started on that. So, 2 weeks ago I cast on for the Sailor's Rib Sweater from weekend knits. It's the perfect pattern and a fairly quick knit, as you can see. Hopefully I will finish it up by the end of the weekend. Then I need to start on Harrison's. If there's time, I might try and work the sizing for a wee little one for my newest cousin, Britt, who's only 3 months old.

I've also got a few things to throw in the shop once I get some better pictures taken.
Superwash BFL sock yarn in Hawaiian Hibiscus and
a new Aran weight BFL in Day at the Beach (multi) and Buttercup (solid).

A note about the shop: this weekend will be the last time that you can get my rovings for only $10! No coupon or codes needed. After Sunday afternoon (as long as remember to change the prices back) this sale will end.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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