Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I went to knit night at Barnes and Noble. Quite a crowd had gathered in the Starbucks cafe.
Because we had a special guest! Author Terri Dulong came to talk to us and sign her new book that's about knitting.
I knew she was coming tonight but I wasn't prepared for being so drawn into the story.
Usually, chick lit can be a little hard for me to get into. And after I tried reading the Friday Night Knitting Club I haven't really been excited about a fiction knitting book. But Terri's book instantly drew me in as she described the story. Terri was also gave a really fun talk. It was an unexpectedly nice evening. Especially since I couldn't walk away with out a new book! And I got a lot of knitting done.
Finished the ribbing on the first sleeve and started the second. The big green blob grows! And it's actually looking like a sweater (unless you are Diana and then you say it looks like a dragon).


Albert G said...

I am with Diana on the dragon comment.

BerlinBetty said...

I'm gonna have to look that book up. I managed to force my way through Friday Night Knit Club, but I will not be reading the second one, I'm not sure I can make it through two. The sweater is looking great!

CB said...

Have you tried reading The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood? i actually liked this one better then The Friday Night Knitting Club.

Knits For Needs said...

Which Barnes N Noble was that? I wanna go next time! I wonder if they have knit night at the one near me... Anyway, glad you had a good time. Let us know how the book is!

ME215 said...

Dragon, huh? It's coming along great. You'll be done in no time.

Janice in GA said...

I got the ebook version of that book when Sony offered it for free. I'm trying to skim through it, but I am NOT a chick-lit reader at ALL.

Now if someone would write a science fiction knitting novel, with space battles, I would be SO there. :/