Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vee Challenge! She is Done!

I finished the 10 for 10 challenge for Warm Woolies! Actually I finished it last night. I dropped the box off today at the post office and it should arrive by the end of the week. Here's a recap of what went inside.

I had this little sweater vest languishing in the "almost finished" pile. All it lacked was some sewn in ends and buttons.
Even though it won't help fulfill the 10 for 10 challenge I threw it in the box.

The big green blog got finished. I think it turned out pretty nice.
This is a picture of everything I sent in: 3 child sweaters (age 10-12), 3 teen/adult sweaters (age 16+), the little vest, 2 children's hats, 4 pairs of adult socks.
The hats won't help meet the challenge either but they needed a home so I threw them in as well.
Now my knitting will focus on Christmas gifts. Harrison's sweater is almost to the bottom cuff, Brandi's mom's scarf is finished (except for weaving in the ends and blocking), and I started in on another gift tonight. Then it's just one more baby sweater and a secret(-ish) gift. Am I ambitious in thinking I can finish everything? Only time will tell.

Today's cat picture is of Penelope getting cozy. She really likes fluffy blankets so she has gradually claimed the Slanket I got for my birthday. At first she just sat on the hem. Tonight she seems to have taken it all for herself.
Hopefully she'll start sharing with me.


kadezmom said...

Great job!!! I am so proud of you. I copped out after a couple pair of socks and a sweater....but that's 3 more warmer body parts. You are the WOMAN!!!!

ME215 said...

GREAT Melissa!! You're amazing! I got so sidetracked with the job/move situation and need to get things finished. Happy Thanksgiving!

-- Jolie said...

Cats sharing blankets! Of what blasphemy do you speak? Goodness knows the cats in my house have no idea what you are talking about.

And I am amazingly impressed with how much knitting you have accomplished. Wow!

Lynn said...

Wow I am impressed with all you did !!!! I tried the 10 for 10 challenge, but knew I wasn't going to make it. Was very happy when they offered the 6 for 6. I'm so disappointed abt them closing up shop. They were a favorite of mine.

and yes Journey's is the only place I've found to get them. Still didn't get them in the mail yet (they should have come on Wed), but I will be posting when they do!

Knittymuggins said...

Wonderful!! Look at all that warm wooly goodness on its way to Warm Woolies :) I didn't make the challenge this year myself, but I did get partway there so my things will be on their way in the next month as well. I sure do wish they could continue to operate, but understand things don't always go as planned.

Hope you're doing well & had a great Thanksgiving!