Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Late, I'm Late!

I'm late in blogging about Thanksgiving. If you follow me on Twitter you know I had a somewhat valid reason. I was in the happiest place on Earth, Disney World!

My mom and dad took me, my brother, and my future SIL Brandi for Thanksgiving since we didn't get another family vacation this year.

We stayed at the lovely Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa.
I think we all kind of wished we had been able to spend a little more down time in this awesome hotel room but our days were jam packed. We did all the quintessential Disney things:

And were there for every park opening except Epcot. And we usually stayed until after the evening fireworks/light shows.

This was my favorite part of the trip:
I'm a huge Muppets fan. I've even thought about trying to work for the Muppet Studios. When I was in high school I was even on the puppet team at church. I took it very seriously. I was a little sad that there were no Rizzo the Rat t-shirts. He's my favorite character.

The week was very busy so I actually had very little knitting time (even though I spent 130 minutes in line waiting for Soarin'...oops, big projects, not wanting to break needles riding rides...meant I was going nutters standing in line) but I did manage to finish one stealth Christmas project and got to the first sleeve on Harrison's Christmas sweater.
Hope you had an enjoyable holiday! I know I'm thankful that I got to spend it with family.


kadezmom said...

Double thumbs up!!!!! Looks liek a great time. Thanks for sharing the joy

Lynn said...

I love love love Disney!!! Looks like you hit all the spots. Saratoga Springs is a gorgeous hotel and I hear you on not staying in them long enough to enjoy them. Even though I'm less than an hour away, we like to stay in the All Star hotels. Still nice, have food and pools at your disposal, but not as nice as the others there. We've stayed at the Grand Floridian for our anniversary one year and never went to the park! We wanted to enjoy the hotel. Glad you had a great time.