Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where Have All the Pharmacies Gone?

I went on a little excursion tonight in search of some medicine. My trip kind of got me thinking, what happened to all the pharmacies? I tried to think of any that were in the vicinity of my apartment and could only come up with one. Which is, thankfully all I need. They gladly fill all my prescriptions for me. I guess people are getting their medicines filled at their local grocery store or mega mart and don't have a need for the stand alone pharmacy any more. I was looking for some motion sickness medicine as I've had some bad bouts of vertigo lately. About 4 or 5 years ago I went to see my doctor because I was having vertigo so bad the only "cure" was to lie on my side until the feeling passed (sometimes a few hours later). He told me I probably had calcium deposits in my ear (a.k.a. Benign Positional Vertigo). I've had about an episode a year since then. The problem is that there isn't really a way to get rid of them. You have to wait for your body to absorb them or for them to get knocked out. Unfortunately, that can take up to 10 weeks. Thanks, but no thanks. I did read that ginger can help dizziness. Which pretty much gives me free range to eat as many gingerbread cookies as I can during the upcoming holiday season.

Bet you didn't know you were getting a medical lesson tonight did you?

Before I came home to rest to my swimming head I did hang out with my friend Heidi and we carded the destroyed superwash roving.

Yum...batts in a box.

They turned out really well. These will probably be going in the shop soon as a OOK (one of a kind) product. Since I don't own a drum carder (and I do not need one...) there is little chance there will be batts on a regular basis. It was still fun to get to play with fiber.
Penelope thinks they turned out nicely.

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kadezmom said...

I've missed you. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling great. You brought up a great point, where'd they all go??? I'm the worst, mine come from the mail order mega-mart. I can't afford not to......ah, the life we lead.

Love the batting!!!