Saturday, December 5, 2009

'Tis the Season

Today my mom and aunt came over to help me put together a set of bookcases I got for my birthday in June. They turned out awesome!
Now my shelves don't sag under the weight of 20 books. The old bookcase is in my room. I'm going to stock it with my stash.

They also helped me set up my Christmas tree.
Since graduating from college I've found it to be harder to get into the holiday spirit. This year, however, I'm determined to get into the festivities. It helped having someone to help me get out my decorations. Usually I have to do it all by myself which is fun but a bit lonesome. It didn't take much time for us to get the tree and a few knick knacks out but it was still nice to have the company.

The other night at guild I was able to knit almost the entire second sleeve on Harrison's sweater but I haven't touched it since then. I feel like I've got the Christmas knitting under control so I've been thinking ahead to my knitting for next year. I love knitting for charity but I've been pretty bummed that Warm Woolies was ceasing operations. I've started researching charities and orphanages in Eastern Europe and Russia that might be looking for contributions. I found H to H International about a year ago and they will accept hand knits of any type and made with any type of yarn. I've got a few more groups that I'm looking at contributing to and I'm trying to get a group together on Ravelry (see here if you are interested in joining in). I would love to start my own group and hold contests and KALs. If it doesn't come to be then I'll still keep at it :)

The other night Penelope helped me enter some new yarns into the shop.
I think she missed me over Thanksgiving.

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ME215 said...

The tree looks great!! I was thinking of you guys the other night during guild...