Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Last Hurrah

Thursday was my last full day in Washington. I started in Forks and drove to Port Angeles, Sequim, and back to Seattle.

Here are a few more pictures from my hotel room. Even the light switches were decked out in Twilight gear.

All around Forks there are landmarks that places in the book were based off. This is the Cullens house.
It's actually the Miller House Bed and Breakfast (or is that just a front...?). Esme leaves a note to let guests and visitors know where they are at the time.
Darn, out of town.

Just down the street City Hall and the Police Station where Charlie works.
Forks High School where all the "kids" went to school.
There's a little community hospital on the far side of town. If you drive around back there's a parking space reserved for Dr. Cullen.
The Swan's house is on K street. They've even left a little sign to let visitors know. Charlie must have gotten a few toys for Renesme because there were a few little push toys in the driveway.
Forks Outfitters was Newton's at one time, the store where Bella worked.
And there really is only one streetlight in town (unless you count the "emergency signal" the fire department uses in emergencies).
After I left Forks it was off to Port Angeles. In Port Angeles there's a Fine Arts Center with a labyrinth. Currently there's an installment called "Art Outside" with local artists dressing up trees, shrubs, and open meadows with art. This path leads up to the museum and has broken glass and mirror shards.
In an open grove trees dance in tutus.
Pillows line the path (but I wouldn't relax on these, they're cement).
Go through a gated portal and find...
A field of people-less sweaters.
Brings a new meaning to fiber "arts."

Come over a ridge and find a beautiful view of the port.
After Port Angeles I headed to Sequim where they have a huge lavender festival every year. It was still a little early to get ready for the festival but I stopped by a little store and bought some nice gifts for friends and family.

From Sequim I went to Bainbridge Island where Churchmouse Yarns and Teas is located. It was a wonderful shop with a great variety of yarns and teas. I could have lived there. They had my favorite tea, Irish Breakfast, and it was the only yarn store I found that carried MALABRIGO! In all weights! Some may have fallen in my basket. Along with some Cascade (on sale!) and a little surprise that has a purpose...more on that later :)

After Churchmouse it was time to head back to Seattle. The only way to go is to take the ferry. It was the first time I've ever driven a car onto a ferry. My gps still kept up with me.
For my last night I stayed in the Executive Hotel Pacific again. This time my room had some interesting "features" in the bathroom. First, the toilet paper was conveniently located at shoulder level.
The shower head was the perfect height for anyone under 5'2". Even I had to bend my neck. Just for the record I did adjust the head before I took a shower.
The window was frosted over but there was no shade!
I hung a towel over the lower half before I showered.

Speaking of towels...they were located at a great height for anyone over 6" tall.
I still had a restful night and was able to hit one more yarn store on Friday before I got on my plane. Tricoter was my last stop before leaving for the airport and I gotta be honest, it's not really my type of yarn shop. Churchmouse, Knitch (my LYS here in Atlanta), and Hilltop Yarns all stock their products by fiber content (Knitch goes one step further and separates it by fiber and then color). Canvas Works separated their yarn by a hybrid system of weight and/or fiber. I like both of these systems. Tricoter separates yarn by color. There is some separation by fiber, winter/fall on top, spring/summer on bottom. One of the ladies explained to me how they work: you can pick any yarn(s) you like and swatch it to find out what needles you need. The staff will help you pick the best needles, figure out the amount of yarn you need, and help you customize any pattern you have. That sounds really nice but I found that the yarn on the shelves was little disheveled (I guess from people swatching with it). I was also approached by all 3 staff members and asked if I needed help. One woman actually seemed a little put off that I didn't need her help. It was nice that there were people there to help but I'm a browser, I need a little time to feel everything and ponder over what I can make. I want to make it clear that I'm not dissing this store or trying to turn people off. It just wasn't my personal favorite of all the ones I visited.

After that one last stop it was off to the airport to turn in my rental car and catch my plane. The flight was a little bumpy, especially as we got closer to Atlanta were there had been thunderstorms and rain all day, but we touched down safely and I stayed with my parents last night.

Monday will be back to the daily grind but in just a few weeks Stitches South will be here! More yarn, more fun! Maybe I should start swatching...


ME215 said...

You mention Malabrigo in all weights....and no pictures? What's wrong with this picture....?

.....I'm still waiting.... ;)

I think I may need to read these Twilight books now (or go see the movie)

ashbeth14 said...

Looks like you had a blast! And you're a wonderful tour guide. Thanks for the cool tour of Washington!

DragonsChest said...

Very glad you had such a nice break -- and thanks for sharing it with us!