Friday, April 10, 2009

Delay in Programming

First I want to thank everyone who's been keeping up with my travels via my blog. I love hearing your comments about my (mis)adventures. I had planned to give an update on Wednesday's visit to Forks but I'm simply exhausted tonight. I've stayed up a bit too late tonight and had a few too many hours on the road today. Tomorrow night I'll be getting home late so there probably won't be an update until Saturday night. Sorry to keep you all in suspense about my walks through halls of moss and Twilight themed landmarks but I promise they will come.


ME215 said...

Hope you got some rest last night. We'll be ready for the next adventure story anytime you are... :) Does Twilight happen in Washington state? (am I the only person in the US who doesn't know anything about it?) haha

nobleknitter said...

If you were having any more fun and adventure there would need to be two of you! I hope you and the weather hold up! Looking forward to seeing you wednesday night.