Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things Are Getting Better

Last night I spent 3 hours wrestling with some rogue yarn.

8 hours ago I had my first potty related accident at work (not me, a student).

1 hour ago I was still at work for literacy night.

But now...

I have this:
Hot chocolate with lots of mini marshmallows.

In this:
One of my favorite mugs. I will miss you W.

I turned on the heat for the first time.
I refuse to try and sleep in a house where the temperature is below 70 degrees and I don't have a down comforter.

I'm wearing these:
My fuzzy red slippers (still in work pants unfortunately).

The cat is contemplating something.
Probably deciding where she is going to throw up next.

And I'm blogging. I'm also working on labels for yarn and still untangling the rogue skein from last night but I will say things have significantly improved in the last hour.


DragonsChest said...

Ding ding ding!! And in this corner -- RooooooooOOOOO-gue Yarn! Facing Rogue Yarn in the opposing corner -- Kniffffffffty Knitter! It's the fight of the century, ladies and gentlemen.

Snork - glad you came out on top in that faceoff. :)

She Knits Socks said...

Your entry reminded me of my teaching days. On my first day of teaching first grade (I had previously taught 3rd) a little boy threw up on my new shoes. What an initiation!