Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Photographic Evidence

There now exists proof that I am indeed alive and, furthermore, knitting. Behold! A sock plus some:
These are socks for wee people that will go to Warm Woolies. I like the short row heels (even if I get big holes on the sides) if for nothing else than the fact that for 90% of the time that I knit these I can totally zone out. I finished reading New Moon while knitting these (yes! Knitting and reading together! It can be done!)

The main reason for my absence had something to do with my dye experiment last week. That stupid shamrock green color was literally giving me fits. Laying awake at night plotting, I mean, planning, type of fits. I was seriously doubting any ability I might have as a dyer and this was making me unhappy. So I decided to try again, using a technique I know and love. Time consuming but I love. Thus hope was restored. Behold! (again!):
My first colorway which will actually and truly be for sale. It is so much more lovely in color. I realize looking at these that the green looks kind of icky and you can see nothing of the red in there. But these are not felted together. They are not so super saturated in dye that they are stiff to the touch. These are my hand painted beauties.
Thank you beautiful roving for behaving and allowing me to believe I can dye roving without knowing a thing about spinning. Makes me almost want to take it up (almost).
Thank you bulky yarn for being so soft and fluffy. Thank you sock yarn for not felting into a terrible mess.
This is the red. Much more stunning in person. I love it with a passion. I will be using this color again (and again and again...).

So, what became of the other colorway? Hmm, well the bulky and the roving have been shoved into a bag and double tied. Ask me about them in person and I will deny their existence (by the way...if anyone is interested in some possibly more than slightly felted roving and/or bulky yarn please send me a comment. I will send it to you free of charge. Serious). The sock yarn I thought was salvageable. Thought being the operative. I over dyed what I thought was a gross shade of green (damn you shamrock!) with more green and got a lovely shade of pale blue.
Not really what I had in mind but I thought it would be at least usable.
Wrong! The kind of pretty pale purple has a nice little felted mass in it (by the way....if you are interested in some slightly felted sock yarn please send me a comment. Yours. For free. Granted you don't live in India and it costs me $300 to send you a skein of yarn. But even then, we can work something out...). Bleech.

I'm not letting this disaster that is still lurking in my bathroom put a damper on a much more successful dyeing experiment. I would love to just dye the whole rest of the yarn that I have (4.5 pounds total) this weekend but I have a University of Georgia game on Saturday and the Highland Games are this weekend and I have been wanting to go for years now so we shall see. Also the apartment seems to be suffering from my not cleaning it for many moons and there is no food in the house (seriously, nothing to eat, hello Taco Bell!). I may have to get to some of that tonight. But not before I go pet some yarn...

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Brooke said...

Pretty purple yarn and I live in TN. :)