Saturday, October 25, 2008

You Have 15 Minutes

I was trying to post this blog in 15 minutes before I had to go meet some friends for dinner. Unfortunately I was also trying to use iTunes for the first time on my new computer and knit on a sweater vest. Needless to say, I did not get this posted before I had to leave but I present it to you now for your reading pleasure.

This morning I took a little jaunt into Atlanta to the fabulous yarn store Knitch.

I bought lots of yarn (which I will show you in a minute). I also went to Belly which is a wonderful little general store/deli on the corner in front of Knitch. They were out of their delicious sesame seed bagels so I had to settle on a plain one which was almost as good. I forgot to take a picture of the outside but inside on the window sills they were growing potato plants which I found quite intriguing.
The yarn was wonderful, of course, and I think I spent almost 2 hours in there trying to decide what I should get. I finally decided on some Shepherd's Wool (8 skeins) for a sweater I'm looking to make.
I think this is the softest 100% wool I have ever felt in my whole life. Not scratchy at all.

Some organic cotton and some alpaca for a swap through Ravelry.
And when I got home some yarn I had dyed was dry.

These are little left over skeins of sock yarn. About 75 yards. I used them to check my dye to water ratios and try and figure out the perfect combination. I think I got it right this time because these came out quite lovely.

A skein with brown, black, teal, watermelon, and bright orange.
A rainbow skein with brilliant blue, grey, lilac, shamrock, bright red, and yellow.
On the way home I saw this sign in the back window of a car being driven by middle aged Asian man (click to make big).

It says "New Drever." And apparently "New Speller" as well. God bless him.

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Yarn Tails said...

Its always nice to go to a yarn store and score some lovely yarn! Sounds like a great time!