Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now, Where Were We

Let's just start from Friday shall we?

Friday: Surprisingly a rather full social life has kept me rather busy for the last half a week or so. I went to the local high school football game on Friday to see some of my former students and meet up with some friends.
The kids looked good. It was hard to believe that just a year ago these kids were in my classes.
Afterwards went out with N.D. and A.P. and had a very nice time. But alas, no knitting that night.

Saturday: Drove my aunt and grandmother to a shower for one of my second cousins. Had a good time but again no knitting since I was driving a car.

Sunday: Church and then an epic family picture session. We had fun making the photographer laugh at our crazy family antics. Then I went and spent some time with my rents at their house. I took some very pretty pictures in their backyard. The sky was a little overcast giving everything a subdued look.
Grey Boy one of my parent's outside cats. He followed me around for the entire "photo shoot."
Some flowers and ivy on the back deck.
A close up of a very interesting and beautiful flower.
I love the shades of pink in this flower.
Such bright colors.
These last flowers smelled really good and there was a monarch butterfly on the branches that I tried to catch but was too quick for me and flew off.

I did get the chance to start some knitting on Sunday. I'm making another vest for Warm Woolies. It has a cable down the middle. Nothing too crazy. However, you know there might be cause for concern when your non-knitting mother asks you if you have started your Christmas knitting and then tells you you should probably get on that. Then she gives you a coupon for yarn. She's totally right, I do need to get on the Christmas knitting (I started it tonight, btw).

When I got home that night in my post box was a package from tinkiknit. Inside were lots of very nice yarns for me to use for charity knitting. All the blues, the green, the black, and the purples were in the one little box. I'm excited about using them and all I had to pay was shipping!

Monday: Yesterday I had planned to blog about the weekend but I got busy dyeing. Well first I had to finish rewinding an old skein on the swift.
I had a helper. She was very effective.

Yeah I realize that I need a second swift or something to keep the yarn from just lying around on like that. It got tangled several times. I was able to untangle it several times but at the end there was just too many knots. I knew it was getting bad when I kept yelling, "Frick!" at yarn.
There was some carnage.
It turned out lovely none the less.

My new yarn in still drying in my bathroom tonight. I tried some cool new techniques and I'm excited to show them tomorrow when they finish drying completely. I will say that I was able to get a really beautiful deep black which can be really hard to get without professional dyes.
Even up close with the flash you can see the color took really well. More pictures of yarn tomorrow!


Smart Solution said...

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Bravo. Beautiful pictures.

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Kate_knits_a_bit said...

you gadabout you! what a lot of fun - and then dyeing too!!

Emily said...

Girl, you are amazing! I stopped in on your blog and was blown away from everything you were doing. Also, love your pics!