Monday, September 15, 2008

Storm Clouds Gathering

I finished the Warm Woolies vest tonight.
There is more of the Storm Cloud color on the back but I didn't get a picture of that. I totally winged this pattern only checking the actual instructions every 30 minutes or so which made the finished product turn out nothing like the ones on the website. I did throw in this nice little "Tree of Life" aran pattern.
Sorry for the sub par photography tonight.

I'm also dyeing some yarn tonight.
These snap blocks are the inspiration.
I was playing around and showing the kids something with these about a week ago and when I looked at the colors I really liked them. I put the blocks in my bag and I'm hoping the colors come out as nice as the blocks did. Sorry for the dirty counter too. I was supposed to clean today in anticipation of a possible friend visiting on Friday but as you might have guessed that hasn't gone very far.

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DragonsChest said...

I really like those block colors together, too. Very sharp. Congrats on making the dye decision - now you can really get going with it. :)