Friday, September 5, 2008

First Things First

I must tend to my poor neglected blog. I have things to show you!
This is a sweater for Warm Woolies from my own pattern (see side bar). This pattern has actually been revamped and is a little bit better but I need to figure out how to post pdf links from my web page. The yarn was Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool that I hand dyed. I call this color Cotton Candy. I think it knit up really nicely. And the it was fun waiting to see what color would come next. That helped make all the plain bits a little more bearable. I've already started a vest for Warm Woolies with some of my newly acquired stash.

I also got a new book.
I already have another hand dyeing book (hmmm...thought I had a picture of it but apparently not, the other book I own in Dyeing to Knit) but I'm glad I have both of them. This one covers more types of dyes than Dyeing to Knit (including Kool-Aid) and I'm in love with the interviews Linda does with dyers. There isn't a whole lot of color theory or basic studio set up and safety like in Dyeing to Knit. I also wish this book covered one method of dyeing for each type of dye (for example, hand painting is only covered under one or two types of dyes, not all of them). Dyeing to Knit only covered one type of dye so if you use anything different then you have to guess at how to make it work but it did cover many different an unique techniques. Like I said, I'm glad I have both so I can pull together my new found wisdom to make what I want to do work with what I have. I'm also thinking of downloading a dyeing tutorial from Three Irish Girls. I don't feel like you can ever have too much information. I will say that I feel as if I am hopelessly falling for this new aspect of knitting. I managed to score a ball winder off ebay and I put in a bid for a swift so I have crossed fingers in hopes that I will have both those here and in place by next week so I can wind up the yarns I've already dyed. For some reason having balled yarn makes me feel like I can justify buying more. Maybe because I can hide it in my stash bin...

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