Friday, June 29, 2012

A Week With the Girls

This week has been all about girls camps. We started the week with a group of 9 girls aged 13-16. The last half of the week we've had 13 girls aged 16-18. We've listened to stories and lessons about being a champion with integrity in life and in our relationships. We've played games, made crafts, and watched movies. Rather than try to give a play-by-play of all that's happened here's a bit of the week in pictures:
My team members and I before the week began.

Team and staff before the start of camps.

Celebrating my 29th birthday!


Flower making


Braiding hair

Painting nails

Camp photo with the first group.

Pool party with the first group of girls.

Watching as the games begin with group #2.

Team Albastru (blue)!

Second campfire

This flower was made for me as a gift :)

After playing tug of war over the kiddie pool, the girls decided to go for a "swim."

Just Dance 3 dance party!
Tomorrow is our last day with the second group of girls. We'll have a pool party with them in the afternoon and then they'll head back to their orphanage. Next week we will be starting day camps with some of the kids. We're have opening ceremonies at the orphanages at Voluntari and PeriƟ and I'm excited to see my boys again! Will try and keep you posted about what's happening. I can't believe my time here is already half gone!

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