Tuesday, June 12, 2012

International Travel

In exactly one week I will be leaving for Romania. I'm incredibly excited! I miss the kids so much and I love Eastern Europe in the summertime. In fact, for me international travel is summer. After high school graduation and then again after college graduation I traveled to London. Then I went to Moldova in 2008 followed by Peru in the next summer. I took a year off in 2010, was in Romania last summer, and will be there again, of course, this summer. Unfortunately I'm not able to spend all summer at these places but I do spend 10-20 days there and that, for me, constitutes a fairly large chunk of time. And even when most of the trips have been doing missionary work it's the best vacation I could ask for.
Hilltop view in Moldova
One of the cool things about this upcoming trip is that I will be flying through London and I'll have an almost 8 hour layover. Since I haven't been to London in 7 years I'm thinking I should try and make it out to see some sights. One of my favorite places in all the city is Westminster Abbey and I (if my memory serves me correctly) there is a tube stop right there at the church.
Westminster Abbey
For this trip I will be bringing my laptop (which I usually leave at home) so I will hopefully be uploading pictures daily and blogging at least once or twice. Be sure to follow me on my journey!

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