Monday, June 4, 2012


So, I have a confession to make: part of the reason why I have been so neglectful of this blog is that, lately, I don't know what to do with it. I mean, this blog was started to talk about knitting. And then it became closely tied with my brand name and business. And now...I still knit (though not as much as I would like to) and the business is still there (for now) but I haven't dyed in ages and honestly, with the move and school and internship and trying to find a new part time job, I don't know when or if I will get back into dyeing again. The store is still there and will be for at least the next year (while it's registered as an LLC). After that, I can't really say. I love to dye but I don't have the time or money to invest into building a business. I love to go to shows but, again, time and money that right now, I just don't have. Maybe in the next few years I'll settle into a routine and I can begin incorporating more dye time into my schedule. But that's a big maybe. Especially if I decide to get my doctorate or to start counseling full time. But I still want to keep the blog. I process by writing. I keep journals and try to write in them every day. I want to share the cool stuff I come across and digest what's happening in my life and the world. All that to say, I'm wondering what direction to move this blog in. There will still be some knitting but I also want to talk about psychology, orphan care, adoption, my grumpy cat, moving...let you into my life a little more. I keep this blog here at this address? Do I start a new blog? Do I move everything to a different site? Do I just rename this blog (is that even possible?)? I appreciate all who have stuck with me over the last few sparsely blogged months. Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated! Hopefully I will get back into the blogging thing soon because I really do like to do it :)

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-- Jolie said...

I'll keep reading, whatever you decide. Just do whatever makes you happiest!