Sunday, June 6, 2010

April/May KAL Wrap Up

Last Thursday I sent off the hats and scarves I'd made/collected for the Children's Emergency Relief International (CERI). CERI was the chosen charity for the April/May KAL for the Eastern European and Russian Orphanages Project on Ravelry. CERI delivers hats and scarves to orphans every winter. The kids get to pick out a handmade item all their own. Many of the members of the group participated in making the Road Scarf (a free download from Lion Brand yarn). They all turned out great! I had collected quite a few other scarves and hats over the months (years) so I threw them into my box of contributions as well.

My Road Scarf and the Ant Egg scarf.
Two old scarves I'd made. A plain garter stitch scarf and (I think) a double knit scarf. I made them a long time ago so I can't really remember the all the details of their making.
A faggot stitch scarf and a fuzzy garter stitch boa scarf. Again, made a long time ago. The boa may have been the second or third scarf I'd ever made.
A faggot stitch hat that I made to go with the scarf.
A simple orange hat based off the Turn a Square hat that I made during the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival.
A cabled hat. Also whipped up during the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival weekend.
The Hat From Hell. Worn once (I washed it before I sent it off). It was a pain to knit and pain to wear. The yarn was a booger to use because it was a tangled mess. The hat was a pain to wear because I made it too big for my head so it was constantly slipping off. I'm hoping it finds a good home with someone who has an even bigger head than I do.
I also threw in these hats. I'd originally made them for a blogger friend (Helen) who was trying to gather 100+ hats for a school in NY. Unfortunately these didn't make it to her in time and got returned to me. They're on their way to a nice new home now.

So, in total 6 scarves and 6 hats. The large priority box from the post office was stuffed! I'm equally as excited about the upcoming June-September KALs as I am about the last one. The next charity we decided to support was Project Hope. Project Hope is working to stop child abandonment in Romania by providing support to families. One of the ways they help is a Christmas collection for mothers and children. The KALs for the summer and early fall will focus on projects that can be donated to Project Hope (socks, hats, mittens, and sweaters). I've already started designing/knitting a fair isle sweater for a little boy.
Actually a lot more has been knit but this is the only picture I have.

Penelope was trying to help me one night. I should be able to get a lot done on the sweater this week because I'm on vacation at the beach! When I'm not sunning myself that is ;)

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Lynn said...

Nice group of hand knits you sent out!! Definitely going to keep some people warm.