Monday, May 31, 2010

Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival

I have some catching up to do I see. The biggest update is about the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival which was this weekend in Dickson, Tennessee. It started on Friday but I had to work all day so my friend Stephanie and I headed out after I was able to leave. We got into Dickson after 10 so we just checked into our motel for the evening. The next morning we headed out at 8 to set up for the festival.
Pulling the car in to unload (as you can see, everyone else had already set up for the weekend).
My little sign marking my booth space.
Unloading everything.
Stephanie helping to set up the wire shelving.
Sock yarns on the table.
And on the wire shelving.
Aran yarn (on the left) and all the sock yarn.
Another view of the sock yarn.
Roving on the back shelves, bulky (in front of shelves) and aran yarn (front).
View of the whole booth.
And me!
Inside our "barn" area.
The fairgrounds outside the barn doors.

On Saturday there was sheep shearing every hour on the hour. Stephanie was able to catch one of the shearings and she took some great pictures of the process.
Sheep in the pen.
Baa, baa, black sheep...
The shearing.
And afterwards! I think it's so cool how their fleece comes off so cleanly in one piece.

We had a great time on Saturday and I ended up crashing at 8:45. I was exhausted! Thankfully the festival didn't start until 10 on Sunday so we were able to sleep in a little later. First thing Sunday we had a visitor.
I think I need a bunny. She would match Penelope perfectly.
Stephanie got in on the bunny love too.

Sunday was another productive day, up until the very last minute actually. Got to meet Mercedes of Kitchen Sink Dyeworks which was very cool. We broke down the booth and headed out to meet our friend Paloma who lives in Nashville. After dinner with her we headed to my aunt and uncle's house who live east of Nashville. While there I got a call from my dad saying the weather was bad in Georgia. Stephanie and I decided to stay with my aunt and uncle for the night since we'd be getting home after 2 a.m. anyways. This morning we had some delicious pancakes (made by my uncle) and headed home. Finally pulled in to my place around 3:00 this afternoon. I took a nap, picked up some groceries, and I've spent the night just relaxing. And designing a child's fair isle sweater.


Lynn said...

VERY cool pictures!! I love your booth. So what it worth it? I didn't see any *after* pictures...

VCFibers said...

Thanks Lynn! It was worth it. I made a modest profit so I was happy. There were several people (including the organizers) who said previous years had been a little better. I think the floods in Nashville kept some people away (understandably). I will be back next year!

annmarie said...

Sounds like a great weekend, even if it was exhausting! ;)
How 'bout coming north to Rhinebeck one year, hmm?

VCFibers said...


I would love to come to Rhinebeck! It's definitely something I'll be shooting for one day. Thank you for the vote of confidence!