Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Obsession

After finishing the 1st Rivulets sock I spent last Thursday night helping some friends with their knitting projects and teaching another friend to knit (that makes 5 or 6 people I've taught in the last year to knit, and all around my age too!). Friday though, well, Friday I got bit by a strange new obsession. And it's all I've been able to knit on for the past 5 days. When I finish it I feel I may collapse somewhere in my apartment like one of those marathon runners who pushes themselves to the point of exhaustion as they stumbling across the finish line practically in tears. The source of my obsession? The Skew sock.
Yes, that funky looking piece of fabric is a sock. And I loves it. When first beginning to knit said sock it looked much more like a banana koozie than a sock.
So, I have aptly named these The Ron Weasley Knitted Banana Holders. Why Ron Weasley?
Because the yarn is the (now legendary) Opal Harry Potter sock yarn in colorway Ron Weasley. Ron, if you need a warm banana I got just the thing for you.

Yes, I realize the preceding paragraphs were fraught with sexual innuendo. Why else do you think I posted them?

Eh, hum...as I was saying...knitting and what not.

So, I have about an inch of ribbing (for her pleasure...sorry couldn't resist!) left to go on the sock. I'll probably cast on for the second one but I don't plan to finish these in the next week or anything. Despite the quick progress on the first sock I do have other things to knit. I will say that I adore this pattern because it is always something new. I thing I've determined that miles of endless stockinette and garter stitch are not my cup of tea. Small items, like kids clothes, I can handle, but for something I'm knitting on that will take a substantial portion of my time I need some change. Even in my sock knitting it seems.

As I mentioned, before I started the Skew sock I did have a knit night and while I taught/helped everyone I did manage to start the second sleeve of the fair isle sweater.
I even managed to locate the issue of Interweave Knits I needed with instructions on how to finish this so (seeing as how this is a child's sized garment) not too much left to do on this one. This sweater is for the EEROP/Project Hope campaign. I just started a fun new contest over on the group so be sure to check it out. Especially if you like knitting prayer shawls or kid's clothes. I'll post more about that here later in the week.

In non knitting news my apartment is slowly but surely turning into this:
A big pile of boxes. The time has come for me to move on up to a bigger place. I've put in an application for a 2 bedroom apartment in a nice area of town. It will make my commute to work a good deal longer but I've been spoiled with 10-15 minute commutes for the last 5 years so I think I can cope. The trade off is a bigger space in a nicer part of the county. And it is still relatively close to my church and job. The move and preparation for moving may make posting a little sporadic for awhile but don't worry, when I'm procrastinating from packing I'll be knitting :)

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