Friday, June 25, 2010


Have you ever done something while knitting and, as soon as you did it, thought, This just isn't right. I had such a moment tonight. Even while it was happening it just seemed a And after I did it, it was confirmed (thankfully only by me), I hadn't done what I had intended to do. After working for many weeks on the fair isle sweater I finally bound off the stitches for the neck and shoulders.
And made the neck opening large enough for an ant. See how disproportionate it is in the picture? Some of that may be from the angle but not all of it. And, after looking at the sweater all laid out, I think it might be too small. It's supposed to be for a 6 year old and it looks more like it would fit a 3 year old. Which probably means I took the chest measurement and instead of doubling it to get the total body measurement I probably figured gauge for that number (which would be half of what I really needed). Still with me? What it equals is one big mess. And I'm without the heart to fix it. Tomorrow (maybe after a good stiff drink) I'll measure the chest and see if that's right. Then I'll rip out should seams and frog back to the row that I bound off the front neck stitches. Then I can re-knit binding off less stitches. And if the chest isn't right? Well, luckily there are still some younger kids who need sweaters this winter.

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Lynn said...

UGH!!!! Yes the neck does seem small, but the rest of the sweater is really nice!!!