Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Attention Knitters:

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog reading for an important announcement. An APB has been issued in the form of a Missing Yarn Announcement (MYA). The suspect is pictured below:
Do not be fooled by the artistic and innocent nature of this picture. This yarn is considered frayed and dangerous. Witnesses who have actually knit with this yarn have said that it causes hand cramping and perpetual UFOs. One knitter even claimed that this yarn caused abnormal and unpleasant shedding. Originally thought to be made of chenille, upon closer inspection, it appears the yarn may actually be made of terrycloth washrags torn into extremely thin strips. Approach this yarn with caution and US size 10 needle or larger. The last known whereabouts of the offensive, I mean offending, yarn was Joann's and/or Hobby Lobby. The Yarn Police (because we know there are no Knitting Police) have searched the aforementioned sites to no avail. It seems the yarn absconded from the premises early last week leaving a wake of empty shelves and pointless price tags. If you should see a skein of this bizarre and highly volatile yarn please notify the authorities as this yarn is needed in the finishing of one rather large Calla Lily centerpiece.

Thank you.

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