Tuesday, February 10, 2009


For only the second time in almost 4 years of teaching I find myself laid up on my couch resting from not feeling well. I realized last night that the more I keep dragging myself into work the less good I'm doing myself. Especially at this job. When I taught middle school band I never worked as closely (literally) to the kids. I was a bit emotionally and physically unattached to them. Teaching 1st grade I spend everyday in close proximity to children. They climb on me, squeeze me, and call my name all day long. I'm very much a physical and emotional epicenter for them. When I don't feel well continuing to try and tough it out just doesn't work like it used to. There's no chance for a nap during lunch time any more. I know that I need to take good care of myself. I tell the kids all the time not to come to school if they are sick, why should I? So, here I am, just now waking up from a nice long nap. I can tell I'm getting better: my cough isn't as frequent and I've used some Zycam to dry up my sinuses. I had to go to work for about 4 hours this morning because I had 2 conferences before school and I couldn't find the sub hot line number (note to self: find before next fall). I'll be back tomorrow because it's only a half day and then I have conferences after school. Thursday is another half day with less conferences (thankfully) and Friday is a full day but hey, it's a Friday, and the day before Valentine's Day, I can make it through one more day. Valentine's Day I'd already claimed for myself so I'll be sleeping late and probably dyeing more yarn for the shop.

Sadly, I have no real knitting to show you. The last time I made any significant headway on a project was last Thursday at the Atlanta Guild Meeting when I finished the body of a charity sweater. I've done a few rounds on a secret project that I started in December but other than that I've been looking for Lion Brand Chenille Thick and Quick in antique white to finish the Calla Lily and looking for size 10 DPNs to make sleeves for the sweater. I'm also gearing up for a Mystery Sweater Knit-a-long being held my LISMI on Ravelry. She's designing a sweater for the Warm Woolies 10 for 10 by 2010 contest and revealing parts of it in a knit-a-long. I do a fan girl sqwee! every time I think about. I'm ready to get started, have the yarn and everything, but the official kick off is the 20th.

For now I'm off to pay some bills and read a chapter for a book club that starts tonight.


Wipe Out said...

When I was handed the Sub Hotline number for my school, I went ahead and added it to the phone memory... seeing how I still have numbers on my phone's SIM card that I haven't used in around 5 years, I'm ok with saving a number I may not call except for once or twice a school year... and when I'm nearly dead (aka finally ready to call in sick), I really like having it already in the phone!

DragonsChest said...

Hope you feel better soon!