Monday, November 10, 2008

One Picture

Yep, that's all I got. One picture. But I'll try and make it worth it.
Some Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm bulky yarn in a 100% cormo wool. L-R: First Frost, Big Pond, Avocado, and Cranberry. Like butter. Seriously. This and the Shepherd's Wool I bought a few weeks ago have vaulted to the top of my "Things I Want to Knit With" list.

There has been other stuff going on. I'm knitting on a sweater vest (big surprise, right?) for Warm Woolies. I love knitting these things but I'm ready for the crazy all out knitting to take a little breather. Of course once I send off everything to Warm Woolies the crazy Christmas knitting begins. However, I'm cautiously optimistic about the Christmas stuff.

Speaking of breathers. I forgot that I told a friend I would come over and try on these old clothes she has tonight and therefore have 30 minutes to eat and be over there. It seems I'm headed off for the evening then!

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