Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Growing Sense of Accomplishment

Today my wonderful, amazing, incredible mother came over and spent about 4 hours helping me clean my apartment. She is the best. My apartment is sparkling. And since I cleaned out so many boxes of junk that were lying around I now have a lot more room. I'm seriously going to try and keep it clean for the holidays (and beyond). I was afraid my mom might faint or yell at me when she saw the state that my apartment was in. But she didn't. And that is why she is the M.O.M. (Mom of Moms).

Before she came over I went to the post office and sent off my box of knitted items for Warm Woolies. Here's a recap for anyone who's been playing along for the last 8 months (the official knitting time was 8 months 11 days).

4 vests
A gull wing cable sweater vest
2 plain sweater vests
A double cable sweater vest
A Tree of Life sweater vest
2 seed stitch paneled sweater vests
3 sweaters
12 pairs of socks (various sizes and styles)
and one little hat.
It felt so good to send them on their way. I said a prayer for all the wee little people who will be the recipients of these warm knitted items. I won't stop knitting for them but I do have to finish my Christmas knitting first. Tonight I think I'll watch some TV or a movie and get started on those Christmas gifts.

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