Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This is half of the last pair of socks that I will make for Warm Woolies.
This is half of the finished items soaking in my washing machine (not actually on a wash cycle mind you...no accidental felting here).
If all goes well I will send all 25 items off this Friday. Pray for a speedy drying time and nimble sewing fingers as I need to add about 10 buttons to the finished vests. I'm very paranoid that they are going to look into my box and say, "Well, this vest is really an infant size and we said toddler or larger..." or "Well, this sock is a little bigger than that one. I don't know if this pair counts...". Totally freaking me out. I may have to whip out a few more vests just to make sure that I've got my bases covered. I can do all that by Friday....right?

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