Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time Marches On

Today the office is very quiet. There are no children running in to ask for bathroom passes, no squawking renditions of hit Disney tunes, nothing. Yes, school is over. I'm now biding my time waiting to file permanent records and have my assistant principal sign my "End-of-the-Year Checklist" which notes that I have indeed cleaned out all my worldly possessions and turned in my TV remote. Bliss.

I've spent most of this morning transferring files to CD and jump drives and researching Mac Books. See, on Friday I have to turn in my school laptop. If you will remember back a few months, there was an "incident" involving my personal, at home, laptop. Since every time I think about "that day" I throw up a little in my mouth, I have avoided thinking about replacing Old Blue. I knew I eventually wanted to switch to Mac. They have a lot of great features for the artsy, music types of the world and they have become a lot more user friendly. However, I'm a little stupid about what exactly I need. I know what I want the new computer to do but it's trying to figure out which one will make it all happen that is the issue. So, sometime next week I will be making a trek out to the blessed Mac Store and picking the brains of a Mac employee (are they considered iEmployees?). I suppose I will have to get a new printer and all that jazz as well. We shall see.

In the meantime, my blogging is going to be sporadic at best and, in all likelihood, picture less. I would like to let you know that the Honeymoon Cami marches on as anticipated and, should a new Mac arrive, there will be picture proof that it does indeed exist.

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Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Hey there Knifty :> Happy holidays to you - I can join you in a small way - three weeks off until term 2 starts!
Have fun buying your Mac - I love mine, so silvery, so light, such nice rounded corners on the application windows (hey, computers are a visual medium, I'm not being superficial to pick the visuals I like). You should be able to use any normal printer etc with it, so long as you have or can get the drivers (I just re-installed an HP printer on mine). Are you going to get one with an iSight camera and play with the Photobooth (I swear, anytime anyone gets a Mac, that's all they do for the first three days. I have Warholesque pics of my entire family to prove it). How're the mitts going?