Saturday, May 3, 2008

Finding Solace

So, I'll be honest, tonight could have been much better than it was. I suppose finding out that there is a shortage or people in a line of work that you just (a little unwillingly) left* and also finding out that someone who you thought (and hoped) like you had suddenly changed their mind and no longer was really that into you...these things kind of put a damper on being 100% happy.

I really was all set to come in and just fall into bed and try and sleep off a not so great evening. But on the way home I started thinking about the good things in my life. You know, to try and pump myself off a little. And one of the good things in my life is knitting.

I find solace in knitting. It's something I can do without fear of any real outside scrutiny (besides the occasional, "You're knitting?" comment) or failure. And knitting for charity might be the best thing I've been plugged into in a long while. I feel like I'm really helping someone who needs it.

All this thinking made me want to share my thoughts with the world (or at least the internets world): I'm feeling bummed but I know I'll pull through. And in the process I'll knit a bit. For example, some mitered squares for a blanket.
And part of another one.
We here at Casa de Singleton are really into the mitered square thing and may be for awhile. However, I did want to share that today I found out that my vest was chosen as a featured photo for the Warm Woolies Seed Stitch Center Panel Vest (or the Jan. vest-o-the-month, which ever you prefer). That makes me feel like a little bit of a pseudo celebrity. Can I make a button that says "I'm a Ravelry Pseudo-Celeb"?

*This is not a reference to leaving my job as a band director. I have other side jobs (dealing with music) that I have done for almost 6 years now. One of these side jobs is what I'm talking about.

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