Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Secret Knitting

I'm so counting down the days until school is out. Today had some interesting, trying moments. It started this morning when I was trying to help a friend out and I ended up catching some unexpected slack for it. It wasn't anything illegal, or even very big (in my opinion) but I still got an earful. And then at lunch we began discussing what was going to happen for next year and all hell broke loose. New teachers going to be hired without any one's knowledge, having new classes in reading and math that no one wants (especially the kids), and the dreaded block scheduling discussion. I really feel badly for everyone. For some reason more problems with schedules and hiring seem to come up in middle school than in high school and certainly more than in elementary school. I think we as educators need to stop thinking about what is most convenient to us and start thinking about what is best for the students. Unfortunately, there are people who teach who don't really have the drive that is needed for this field. And this isn't just a problem for the public schools, it happens in the private schools too. Don't think just because you pay more for your kid's schooling that the teachers want to be there any more.

Needless to say I took a nap, worked out, and then settled in to knit when I got home.

What do you get when you take this yarn...
Rowan All Seasons Cotton

and these needles...

Boye needles US size 6

and knit it up? This of course!

Oh, wait, you can't tell what that is? That's because it's part of my mom's secret Mother's Day gift. I have pictures of the finished project on Ravelry where my dad can't spy and tell my mom :)

I'm still working on the mitered square blanket but I've taken a little break on it to finish this Mother's Day gift. See, here's a recently finished square.
It needs a fraternal twin but it will have to wait for just a few more days. More teaser pictures tomorrow!

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