Sunday, January 17, 2010


The breaking of the sock DPN seems to have broken my knitting streak as well. Obviously that project is now on hold until I can find some more needles (or another project).

I started a pair of socks for Global Knit but have lost some interest in these as well.
Just past the heel turn of the first sock. These only have 20-30 rows until they're done but I'm not in love with this yarn: it's single ply (therefore very splity), and in some drab colors (not helped by the fact that it has been cold and rainy here for 2 days).

I started and finished another quick charity knit (this one for H 2 H International) this weekend.
The next step is to start a hat to go with them. But that would require me finding my 16" cable and balling some more yarn.

The baby blanket pretty much looks like the same except with 6-10 more repeats. I'm ready for that to be finished with.

I have a whole queue on Ravlery of projects for myself but that would require balling yarn, finding needles and swatching.

I also have a whole list of knits for other people that need to be done but, again, these require balling yarn, finding needles, and swatching.

Plus, I need to update my inventory in my stores since I'm sending a new LYS some of my yarn and Rare Purls needed more stuff.

Oh, and I need to update Ravlery with all the projects from Christmas (and maybe a little before then too) and don't get me started on the housework...

Unmotivated is what I am.

Saturday I was sidelined with a 24 hour stomach virus which certainly didn't help things. Thankfully I have tomorrow off so maybe after a few days of recuperation I will feel up for something productive.


Knittymuggins said...

I'm so sorry you were sick :( I hope you're feeling better now though!

I'm right there with you on the unmotivated bandwagon. Maybe it's something in the air?


kadezmom said...

That's the worst illness in my world. Sorry it hit you, hope you get lots of sleep and feel better soon. You'll get remotivated again and there will be NO stopping you

LISMI said...

Hope you are feeling better, Melissa. I don't like stomach bugs!!!!!!
I saw your beautiful knitted stuff on ravelry. You've been busy, busy....

DragonsChest said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

Maybe you're a bit unmotivated because you did so much knitting recently? Sometimes I need a day or two off, especially after I've finished a big project or a few little ones. Don't worry - you'll get your groove back!