Monday, January 11, 2010

On Hold

I got my snow day on Friday!
The big problem is not the snow (which really was only a light dusting) but the ice. The area between the cars in the picture is actually a solid block of ice. And it has been since Friday morning. Because we here in the South aren't used to snow and ice and wintry weather, the roads become a demolition derby of sorts and it's really best to stay inside. Which I did. Things actually seemed to have gotten pretty bad this time because the news kept reporting about accidents caused by ice on the roads. My favorite was the 27 car pile up on an on-ramp. The DOT admitted they "might have missed that ramp" when they were de-icing. Really? You think?

So, instead of getting out into the fray, I dyed some roving. It's drying right now and hopefully it will be ready for pictures by tomorrow. I need to get it divided into samples and shipped for the Phat Fiber box by the 15th. Fingers doubled crossed that everything will be done on time.

I also had some knitting queued up. I had originally planned to finish up my mittens for charity. At the last minute I changed my mind and made this instead:
The 5 Hour Baby Sweater! Cute overload. The color is more accurate in this photo:
As you recall, I'm knitting a blanket for my friends Cliff and Jenn. I'm still working on the blanket but I thought that little Sophia might need something to wear too. This really would have only taken 5 hours if I had a) been able to work on it non-stop and b) done the i-cord drawstring on a smaller needle the first time (for future reference if you decide to do an i-cord instead of the crochet chain suggested then use a smaller size DPN than a 10.5, like a size 7). It did turn out well and the new mom seemed to like it.

The mittens got finished tonight instead.
These will go together with the hat and slippers already completed to H 2 H International. I've challenged myself to try and knit a set of slippers, a hat, and mittens a month to send to H 2 H. That means one set down, 11 more to go! Since the month isn't quite up, my interim charity project is going to be a pair of socks (maybe more than 1 pair even) for Global Knit. Speaking of socks...

The socks for myself are trucking along.
Working on the heel flap tonight. This is my own hand-dyed BFL in Trick or Treat. Hopefully will get more of this dyed soon and then in the shop(s). Rain is forecast for us in the next week. Hopefully there won't be any more ice. I'm tired of slipping on the way to my car every day. Besides that, it's just plain cold here!


Deanna said...

Snow days for teachers are work days for moms:). Loved reading about your resolutions. I go walking almost everyday when it warms up. You'll have to come with me - this part of town is great for walking.

kadezmom said...

Congrats on your snow day...sorry about the ice. The sweater knit and dyed up beautifully! Great mittens, darlin'

Lynn said...

I love the baby sweater!!! Very cute!

And it's true, the south just can't deal with snow or ice. We fall apart. Orlando airport had flights delayed due to ice on wings and no de-icing machines to speak of (because we are ORLANDO!). Smart idea to just stay inside and knit....