Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yesterday I woke up to one of those "Calls You Really Don't Want to Get." Someone from credit card company X's fraud department was calling to make sure I really did want to get that credit card with the extremely high credit limit that I applied for. Problem is, I didn't apply for said card. I freaked, I got upset, I panicked, then I called my mom. Thankfully she had a sound mind about her (and a folder full of information about identity theft). After she had calmed me down, I spent the next 2 hours going through all the avenues to make sure this wouldn't happen again. The incident threw me off for the whole day. I needed something to help me feel better and get my mind back in the right place. I needed something for myself. Something quick-ish, easy, but would still hold my attention...
Perfect fit.

Bella's Mittens made with 2 strands of Dark Horse Fantasy. The yarn is absolutely amazing for a nylon and acrylic yarn. Very soft and not squeaky. The pattern is great too, the cable keeps me interested just enough to not be boring but it also doesn't really require me to pay attention 100% of the time. I'm going to spend tonight unwinding by trying to finish up the first mitt. Hopefully you had a better MLK Day than I did!


kadezmom said...

What a beautiful way to turn around a really shitty beginning to the day!!! (and don't you just HATE those calls, ugh!)

Lynn said...

Yikes!! Glad you were able to catch the problem before it was VERY costly! And knitting is a great way to make the day better!