Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Princess and the Sock

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, on a cold winter's evening, a princess was knitting on a sock. The princess was very pleased with this sock because the wool was the finest quality and the colors were vibrant and unique. The princess was looking forward to wearing this sock as she often knit items for her friends and family, and even more often, for complete strangers, but this sock was going to be just for her. The princess was so excited about her sock that she thought to herself, After I turn this heel I shall try it on!

Now it is worth noting that the princess was working with some very rare needles. These needles were hewed from the mystical Redwood Trees from far away California. They were very expensive, very tiny, and very, very fragile. In fact, in a most unfortunate accident involving a purse and a ziplock baggie of yarn, one of these precious needles had already been broken. And, in a separate, unrelated accident (the origins of which the princess had no explanation for) one of the needles she was currently working with was missing a small piece of the tip. These needles were so rare, and so unusual that some said they had been stolen from the needle fairies by some gnomes and then had an evil spell cast on them.

The princess had momentarily forgotten about the fragile, possibly cursed, needles as she pulled the beautiful sock onto her foot. But the needles were in the way, they wouldn't budge as she tried to get the sock up her foot. Just a little further... she thought as she moved the stitches as close to the edge of the needles as she could. And then....suddenly...without warning...
Snap! went the needle!

"Oh no!" cried the princess in despair.
Ah ha! thought the clever princess, I can finally get those plastic DPNs that come in sets of 6 that I can't seem to find a link to anywhere on the internet I have been wanting! But then she remembered that her harsh and, occasionally, cruel master, The Superintendent of Schools, had paid her on the last day of work in December and she would not get paid again until the end of January, almost 6 weeks after her last paycheck. Plus her silver gilded chariot needed its rear brakes....err, horses replaced. There was also Queen Penelope who ruled the princess's small abode and who was quite demanding despite her small, fuzzy, squished face stature. Queen Penelope was always in need of the best food, the tastiest treats, and the most skilled beauticians. The poor (literally) princess realized she would have to wait for her new needles.

And so, the princess put away her sad, half finished sock and knit on a blanket instead.
And all was right in Knitting World once again.

The end.


Desiree said...

Oh I am SO sorry about your needles! I have a panic everytime I try a sock on just for that reason.

Love how you wrote it out! Awesome!

kadezmom said...

Talk about a way with words!!!! Great story......but SAD conflict (needle breaking, no getting paid) Good thing you have another great project to work on. All will be right.....soon.

-- Jolie said...

If you post information about the needles you want, will a Fairy Godmother bring them to you?

Nancy said...

Truly, a sad, sad tale. This is one of the reasons I knit my socks on two circular needles; there's no try-on panic. (I don't have to worry about the cats chewing on the dpns, either!)

DragonsChest said...

What an entertaining story! I'm sorry you have to wait a bit until you may purchase a new needle, Princess.

Lynn said...

UGH>>>>>> I feel your pain. Hopefully the end of the month will get here quickly.. And I think it might be better to display these needles instead of using them!!! Esp when tiny sock stitches are dropped!

Knittymuggins said...

I'm SO sorry about your needle :( I've had that happen before too and it's so disheartening.

But I love your little story that went along with it! So creative and right up my fairy tale alley ;)