Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Recap

I hope everyone out there in bloggy world had a very merry Christmas! Let's do the time warp again and go back to last week.

Wednesday: I started by washing and sewing the buttons on the BSJ for my cousin Britt.
Then I finished up my mom's gift (the fabled Last Knitted Gift of '09...which you will see more of in a moment). And finished all the wrapping.
Penelope helped by keeping Brandi's pizza pan warm.
Then checked to make sure the gift boxes were the proper size.
By then she was pretty tired so she took a little break on the snuggie.
But woke up and moved to the floor to guard her toys (including a new catnip toy she got for Christmas from me).

Thursday: The fam and I traveled to south GA to my aunt and uncle's house where we had a big Christmas dinner and gift exchange with my extended family.

My cousins Jake and Harrison got their sweaters. Jake asked me back in the summer to make him a sweater. I was a little afraid that he wouldn't remember asking me but those worries were unfounded.
As soon as he opened it, he looked at me and said, "You made this for me, didn't you?!?" He was really excited. Later that evening he even put it on and wore it around. My mom has some great pictures of him in front of the Christmas tree. He was even jumping and running around in it and it was holding up well (Am I the only person who's paranoid that the first time someone wears something I've made it will totally and spontaneously fall apart?).

Harrison got his sweater as well but he was little distracted by the Mickey Mouse play tent and G.I. Joe figures he'd gotten.
Friday: Christmas Day was spent with my parents at their house. My aunt Becky was there as well to open gifts from Santa. And an unoriginal hat from me :)
I won't post the pictures of my mom since she'd probably not like that but here's some pictures of the scarf I made her (The Last Knitted Gift of '09).
I had some fun bundling up in it.
It's the Irish Hiking Scarf made from Eco + in a bright fuchsia color. It turned out super lush and warm. I didn't have time to block it but I did wash it at my parent's house and laid it out to dry.
This picture doesn't have the correct color but it shows the stitch pattern really well.

Saturday: My brother and future SIL came over to my parent's house to open their Christmas presents (they were with my future SIL's family for Christmas Eve and Christmas). My brother had to try on my Rockin' Bones hoodie that came in the mail (a gift from Santa).
What sucks is that he looks better in it than I do. I told him he could pull off the punk/emo look. That night we went out to eat for my cousin Brianna's birthday.

Sunday: This morning I woke up and knit for about an hour on a slipper for charity. After church I drove to Thomson, GA for a Christmas themed wedding shower for my brother and Brandi (my future SIL). Between driving there and back I've been in the car for over 5 hours. Now it's time to relax and watch some t.v. and finish knitting my slipper. And also try and fight this head cold I've come down with. Tomorrow I'm thinking I'll sleep in as late as the cat will let me and then dye some yarn. I'm already thinking of my New Year's goals so I think it might be time to revisit last year's goals and see how I did.


Lynn said...

i swear there is nothing greater than when our loved ones enjoy what we make them. BUT even moreso when a child does. they don't play the game of "I love it!" when they really dont. If they don't like something, you usually know it. Great job on the rest of the gifts as well. You've been busy!!!

Kate said...

It sounds like a lovely Christmas - and great work on the jumper! (sweater - oh the language barriers we face!)
Your hoodie is very cool - to wear with it you need a t-shirt like we gave our son - it's a diagram of internal organs!!!
I hope you have a joyful time sending off the old year and ringing in the new, and that your plans fill you with joy and enthusiasm!

DragonsChest said...

Lovely knitting projects, and happy family faces -- love to see those things. Also love your kitty pics. Best of everything in 2010!!

Knittymuggins said...

Sounds like a joyful holiday! I'm so glad that everyone loved their handknits so much :)

Have a wonderful New Year!