Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Little Bit Sentimental

And after:
That's 10 inches of hair, gone. Whacked. No more. I cut it this morning and will donate it to Locks of Love. Oddly, the whole process made me a little sentimental and retrospective. Those 10 inches of hair represent 2 years of my life. And a lot has changed in that time: I had a different job, I was dating someone, I hadn't opened my yarn shop(s) yet...but some things have remained the same: I was still a blogger, I was still knitting, and I still had my cat. I plan on doing this again so it will be interesting to see what 2 more years down the road will look like.

This weekend was very busy as I traveled to Columbia, SC for my cousin's wedding. I had a little time in the car to knit on the last Christmas present of '09 but for the first 2 hours I was in the car by myself so there wasn't a way for me to knit. I did give Brandi her mom's Christmas scarf that I blocked the previous week.
The first picture gives a more accurate color but the second really shows off the stitch pattern. The yarn is some of the alpaca I brought back from Peru. I can't remember what the stitch pattern is called but I'm sure it was something about leaves. It turned out nicely and it looks very classy. I hope Brandi's mom will enjoy it.

On Monday I spent the day finishing my Christmas shopping and picked up buttons for the Baby Surprise Jacket. I spent way too much time deliberating but I finally settled on plain chocolate brown ones.
I really wanted some yellow-y honey colored ones that matched the contrasting stripes but, of course, nothing looked just right. I found these adorable bear ones but they were a little too big and I figured that the mother of a 5 month old does not want to spend more than about 20 seconds trying to button a jacket. They were crazy cute though. With these last few projects almost wrapped up I'm already getting ready for the post-Christmas knitting. Bring on the festivities!


Knittymuggins said...

What a kind and wonderful donation you've made! I used to have hair quite that long as well and chopped it off at one point (unfortunately before I'd ever heard of Locks Of Love, or I'd have donated it in a heartbeat!). But I didn't miss mine. I think having hair that long was more unusual for me than having hair that was shorter! But I understand how the amount of time it took for you to grow it could really be a big reminder of so many twists your life has taken since then :) But hopefully, knowing you've done something so wonderful and selfless for someone else will help you through any sadness you might feel.

Love the projects! Your scarf reminds me of one I've made before from a Valley Yarns pattern called "Falling Leaves". And your BSJ is just so cute! I totally have to make one of those for my munchkin :)

Have a wonderful holiday and a joyous New Year!!


Lynn said...

Wow you miss a couple of days of blog reading and you miss a lot!!! First of all you are one brave woman!!! And very generous. What a good thing you did. and btw, you look great with your new look!!!!