Friday, August 7, 2009

I Blame Work

I blame work for...

1. Not getting to go to Sock Summit.

2. Having to get up early.
This is what Penelope does while I have to get ready to go to work.

3. Lack of real knitting progress.
Charity sock. Second of the pair. Not even to the heel turn.
Rivulets sock #1. Not fully past the heel.
Charity sweater. Still working on the collar. Pretty much looks the same as the last picture.

4. No pictures posted of Peru nor put in a photo album (they have been printed though).

5. Dyeing? Ok, work isn't to blame for this. Lack of work is the reason to celebrate these 2 rovings that will go in my shop soon.
Jillian's Razzmatazz
Dwain's Mango Tango

I asked my friends to come up with good color names and these two where the ones I liked best. I dyed the roving after they'd given me suggestions.

6. Lack of shop updating.

7. Making chefs knit on the back stoop.
This is the chef of the restaurant next door to Rare Purls. He just learned to knit. I know he'd be a full on knitterly type if he didn't have to cook all the time. Poor guy.

(For the record, school officially starts back Monday for the kids. I was scheduled to go back to work this Monday but due to state budget cuts I was on furlough for 2 days. This means we crammed 5 days of faculty meetings, planning, registration, open house, and room set up into 3 days. I think that's the definition of fun.)

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velmalikevelvet said...

Bummer that work kept you from Sock Summit. Looks like you would have had some new socks to work on there! Next year.

Thanks for the blog comment, btw. Glad my posts gave you a sense of the goings on there. Come back soon!