Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Peru

But still a pretty good post. I will get around to Peru but I just finished putting 125 pictures on Facebook so now I have to get motivated to pick out 10 or so to go here on the blog. Today I'm placating you with pictures of yarn and knitting.

Saturday I dyed almost 5 pounds of yarn. I just finished reskeining the 6 new colorways tonight.
I really like this color, Double Split.
When my yarn supplier gets bulky yarn back in stock I'm thinking I'll dye some bulky in this color and use it to make a sweater for Warm Woolies.

This is another color I really like, Building Blocks.
This is a repeat color and it seems to have come out pretty true to the first batch. I'll be selling these (plus about 6 other colorways) at the August Atlanta Knitting Guild meeting next week and also in my online store. Plus, a whole whack of yarn will be going to my LYS, Rare Purls!

I forgot to take a picture of the color I decided to keep for myself (though I almost stole 2 or 3 other skeins). I think I'll wait to show you until I've picked an appropriate pattern. Something sophisticated...

I started working on a Mystery Sweater (#3) for Warm Woolies. There was a knit along for this that took place earlier this month but I got a late start. The pattern is interesting but also simple enough that I've made a decent amount of progress in a little less than a week (I'm working on clue 3 of 5 at the moment).
Penelope came to "help" me take a picture.

Here she is "helping" me with the skeiner earlier this evening.

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Lynn said...

OOOH Double Split in bulky weight would be fabulous!!!!