Monday, June 15, 2009


Saturday and Sunday were World Wide Knit in Public Days. Our regular group of Noble Knitters who usually meet at Barnes and Noble on Wednesday met up at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch and then gathered in the little bit of shade around the fountain near B and N for some knitting in public.
Please do not provoke the knitters.
Keep hands and arms 20 feet away at all times.

We had a great time hanging out, knitting, and talking.

On Saturday I also started work on a PVC pipe swift. The swift I had been using was just not holding up like I had hoped. This model is a combination swift and skeiner.
I finished it tonight but I'm waiting for a bolt that I had to glue down to dry. It kept loosening whenever I turned the windmill. It's not totally professional but I think it will work better for me. I can't wait to try it out and I just got in an order of yarn that needs to be dyed so I can try it out by the end of the week. I also ordered some new dyes that should be here by Wednesday. Exciting stuff!

My knitting is still going, though slowly. I've had to throw all my efforts into getting the test knit sweater done by the end of the month (speaking of...where did this month go?!? It's already half way through!). I did start a new sock though. I'm in professional learning all this week and I needed something to work quietly on before (and maybe during) some of the larger meetings (I don't knit during our smaller breakout sessions though it would have kept me awake better this afternoon I'm sure).

I thought I'd stick in a picture of Penelope since she hasn't been seen lately.
She got groomed last week so she's looking tiny. Here she is curling up on her blanket one night trying to sleep. It looks like she's sucking her thumb. Currently she is yelling at me to get her treats so I guess I better give in or I won't be able to even edit this post.


Desiree said...

Glad your WWKIP went well! No one showed up for ours, LOL!!!

nobleknitter said...

Penelope looks like she is camoflaged and would prefer not to be seen! So cute. Have a good weekend - it's almost here. -Laurie

Kate said...

Glory but you have been a busy grrrl!

I'm all tuckered out just scanning everything I'd missed!
Zoo pics: cute
Watermelon yarn - WANT!
Socks - heaven help me, my 9yr old boy is only 3/4 inch shorter in the foot than me - he is going to learn to knit his own dang socks if he wants more when he's in his teens!
WWKIP - looks like fun, and warm! (I'm wearing a very chic little number known as Blanket A La Tartan)