Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life in Fast Forward

Have you ever felt like the foot of your life has hit the gas pedal and you're just along for the ride? Yeah, that's me right now. For the past few weeks I've done nothing but try and stay afloat with the demands I'm trying to meet. But it's good. Really, better than I could have hoped for. More on that in a bit. Let's back up a little shall we?

I spent several days with my parents over the last week just hanging out. I was at my former high school for a workshop for school so I stayed with them for a few nights. I love my parents and I love being at their house. It's a relaxing experience for me and I'm glad I live only 45 minutes away so I can visit often.

My parent's dog, Luke, is a huge baby. He's 53 pounds and thinks he's a lap dog.
He'll start by putting his paws on your leg and then, one foot at a time, push himself all the way into your lap. Very sneaky. Except that it's really hard for 53 pounds of fur to be sneaky.

During the morning sessions at the workshop I knit. Usually for about 2 hours while I listened to speakers talk about reading and writing. One morning I was sitting next to a very nice woman who commented that I was smart for bringing my knitting with me. I asked her if she knit and she said that she had in the past and that she was planning on taking it back up when the weather got cooler. We didn't really talk much but as the speaker was wrapping up she accidentally knocked into my binder. Unfortunately my knitting notes and pencil were sitting on top. I grabbed for them and, in the process, stabbed myself with my metal DPN I was using to knit a sock with. For a split second I thought, I've impaled myself with a needle. When I glanced and saw I'd just scrapped the surface pretty deeply my next thought was, I hope I didn't bleed on my knitting.
Thankfully I had neither impaled myself nor bleed on my knitting. But a needle injury on the web of your finger doesn't feel too good. It's all healed now though and, thankfully, it didn't affect my knitting.

I got to test my PVC swift and...
it works! I tried to skein 4 balls at once but the skeins wouldn't stay separated enough so I had to unwind, untangle, and individually skein each ball. I don't mind though because it still goes *so* much faster than my old method. And the skeins come out much more uniform. I had to glue the back leg of the stand to the base since the windmill gets front heavy and was pulling the leg out of the base. It didn't help that the connecting pieces on the base aren't 100 flat and even with one another. I had already thrown out the PVC glue so I just used my Gorilla wood glue. Gorilla can fix anything.

I got to try it out yesterday when I dyed late into the evening.
I've got these in my bedroom with a little fan on them trying to get them dried before tomorrow night. I'm taking them to knit night tomorrow. The ladies wanted to see some of my goodies since I'm running a 26% off sale at my shop this week in honor of my 26th birthday. If you order online just use the code "birthday" when you check out.

My dyeing has really taken off lately. This the area that I feel like has been put on fast forward. Every month I sell a bunch of sock yarn at guild. This past weekend I meet with a woman who is designing a pattern for my yarn. Today I walked into my LYS, Rare Purls, and my friend who owns the store immediatley asked me for some sock yarn to sell. At last count I have only 5 or 6 new skeins of sock yarn. I need to pump up production! It's great, lots of work, but great.

As for knitting, there was the sock I started last week during my workshop.
It's, um, very colorful. I'm making it out of odd little balls of yarn I have sitting around so it's gotten kind of wacky.

Most of efforts have been placed in finishing the test knit sweater.
Sorry, really crappy sideways picture. I've got the body and back finished and the right front started. I think the fronts will go fast. Then I have sleeves and a collar to do. Will I have it done by the end of the month? Um, no comment at this time. I've pretty much stopped sleeping though so we'll see.

Today I caught Penelope sleeping sitting on the edge of the chair.
Just a little cuteness for you :)

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