Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm beginning to think I'm not destined to finish this mitered squares blanket. I'm seriously considering throwing in the towel for at least another 2 years while this thing sorts itself out. I believe that after tonight it deserves a time out. Why? Well...

Remember my plan to make big mitered squares to flank the sets of four multi-colored mitered squares? I cast on one night not too long ago for the first one:
Big mitered square #1. US size 9 needles.
The first time I tried on the size 9 needles I realized after about 7 rows that it was coming out too short. So, I ripped and cast on again with more stitches. Then I realized after a few rows that this was going to take FOREVER on size 9s. I ripped again. Then I pulled out some size 13 (or were they 15? who knows...) needles, did a cheater gauge "swatch" (10 stitches, 10 rows), and cast on a third time. This time it seemed, things would work out.
Attempt on large needles.
And, lo and behold, it did. For the most part.
The large square laying on top of the four multi squares. Seems like it will work!
So, then a little time passed and I knit on some other stuff and then I decided I needed a carry around project so I cast on for the next solid colored square. I knit away happily following my directions and finished just minutes ago. And this is what I had:
Second large mitered square (top) compared to first large mitered square (bottom).
!^%&$#% It's too big. Seems I never corrected my notes about the number to cast on and I cast on the number needed for the size 9 needles and not the larger ones. Which means not only did it come out too big but I knit way more stitches than I needed to thus eating up more time. And now my options are: rip it out and re-knit; knit the other large squares then rip and re-knit this one; cry, scream, and act totally undignified, then rip and re-knit this square; or send this blanket to time out, cast on for different blanket, rediscover the mitered squares in 2-3 years, rip out the offending square, re-knit it, and finish the project. Right now I'm leaning very strongly towards this last option.

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