Friday, February 11, 2011

What a Way to Start/End My Week

Today was my first day back to work after being gone for a week for grad school. I was in Jacksonville, Florida as part of my residency program. I'll have two more over the next year and half. It was an amazing time! I made some awesome new friends, learned so much about counseling and psychology, and just enjoyed the time away from the regular job. Unfortunately it was back to reality for me today. And it wasn't such a pleasant reality either. My students had been horrible while I was gone, I wasn't really sure if the sub had followed the lesson plans, and I found out the administration was dissolving one of our classes and, because of that change, I would be getting another student. Which means I'm back at 21 students. Oh, and I spent almost 2 hours with 30 kids in my class today due to some of the teachers having to test. On the way home I sat in traffic for over an hour and half (my commute is usually 30 minutes). It was like Monday and Friday rolled into one.

Which is why tonight I will be making more little baby booties.
Easy. Quick. Cute.

Maybe I'll get around to these mittens too.
But, you know, only if it won't stress me out too much.

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