Monday, February 7, 2011

That's a Big Surprise...

I had to go back and look to see when the last time I blogged was. I didn't realize it's been over a week! I took this yarn from last post:
And turned it into a pair of mittens.
The color is a little off but you can see the cable a bit better. These are the No Swatch, No Gauge Mittens by Jean Gifford that I have fallen in love with. I knit these with a strand of Cascade 220 in a light pink and some DK weight pastel multi-colored held together on US size 6s. It made for some super thick mittens but it was a little difficult to knit on such small needles.

As soon as I finished these mittens I started a new project.
Which is more mittens. I know that surprised all of you.

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Zack & Jennifer Dove said...

I soooo want thosr mittens. Awesome!