Monday, March 15, 2010

More Things on the Needles

It was another lovely day today here in Georgia. After my last post it rained for the rest of the week and got cold and yucky. Today I have the windows open and went for a nice little walk. I came home early from work today for a doctor's appointment (trying to determine if the mystery illness is mono) and just enjoyed my afternoon. That means getting new things on the needles.
This is some of my bulky hand-dyed that my future SIL picked out for me to make her Unoriginal Hat out of. Side note:Looking at my shop reminds me I really need to get on the ball about updating/dyeing on a more regular basis. If only there were more hours in the day. :::sigh::: The other stuff on the needles is coming along nicely too.
Started some toe up socks during my toe up sock class last week. Picked this diamond pattern only because I didn't want to be totally bored while knitting these.
The charity sweater is cruising along, shoulder seams have now been bound off. It saw a lot of action on Friday night when I hosted a Learn to Knit Night at my house with some girls from my church. Between me and my friend Stephanie we have recruited/created 3 new knitters!

For now I'm off to enjoy this wonderful (long) day (Thanks Daylight Savings Time! You *do* have a plus side!) with some knitting.

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