Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Breathe

I was surprised today when I realized that I was actually going to be home to watch my favorite T.V. show tonight. I don't think I've watched T.V. in 2 weeks. At least it feels that way. T.V. time means knitting time which is nice since I've been doing lots of work on the Trick or Treat socks since they sit right next to the computer but not a lot on anything else. So, tonight has been about trying to relax and enjoy at least one evening this week where I don't have anything else to do (the rest of the week, despite my best efforts, are shaping up to be more of the usual craziness).

I don't have any real knitting pictures since everything is pretty much the same, just a bit longer, but I do have some pics.

First, my brother and my cousin Britt from a wedding shower (for my brother and his (future) wife) on Saturday.
Continuing to prove that there is nothing cuter in the world than a guy with a baby.

And, a super spoiled cat.


clew said...

Hello! I was just surfing blogs today adn ran across you. This cat is the greatest :))

I too am a knitter, among many other things. I like the samples I skimmed over here and will be back. Have an awesome day :)

LOCIO said...

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